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FAQ #002 - Company Setup - email Address & Reset Password

Step 1:Open home page http://www.your.domain/sys
Step 2:Click [Company Setup]
Step 3:Enter password and click [Login]

You can see here the last change and effective date.
Changed here for: main contact, password, default email address.
Click [Update] to save changes, or [Assign login name and reset password],
[Change Virtual Address], [Send notice to all Virtual Addresses].
Step 4:Assign login name and reset password
Click [Update] to update assignment list and reset password.
Step 5:Change Virtual Address.
Enter desired email addresses, such as info, sales and (all
@your.domain); and corresponding lists, such as xxx001,xxx002,
Click [Update] to update virtual email addresses and corresponding lists.
Step 6:Send notice to all Virtual Addresses.
Enter subject and content of notice.
Click [Send] to send notice.
Remarks:Call us to increase number of (real) login names and virtual email addresses when needed. If you forget your pasword, click the button "email password to contact" in Step 2.

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