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Internet Related Technology

Internet is a growing technology. Since APRA stage, more and more computer professionals volunteered their effort to develop Internet in all aspects.

Most of the technologies are not developed in business point of view. Such attitude brings life to Internet. However, lack of planning and standards becomes disadvantages.

Take email as an example, did you receive email with wrong internal code, bad presentation, missing To and From information? These are the in-perfect aspects of a growing technology.

As competent professionals, we push ourselves to catch-up and even lead this growing technology. As you try using our contact form on this web site, you can see how well versed we are in sending email by home pages. You will have an automatic email acknowledgement in HTML format and furthermore, the attachment is named as email.htm as compared with other junk email with noname.htm. See our email message delivered by our form mail.

Since 1999, we are the pioneer in delivering web-based applications in Hong Kong. At that time, and even today, not many software companies can deliver web-based application built entirely on HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, PHP, FTP and email technology. With such rock-hard technology, our web-based application can be run with 56K modem between workstation and server.

Take search engine as another example. Search engine demands good mathematics, well designed algorithm, excellent knowledge in HTML and high speed computer in order to build one. Such barrier keeps most medium- and small-sized web sites out of search engines. Base on our in-depth knowledge and experience in internet technology, we have developed a mini-size search engine, suitable for medium web sites. See our search engine.

A branch from the search engine technology is Internet Information Collection. We have the expertise to collect variable information from the whole Internet, such as schedules, e.g. TV schedule, and graphics, e.g. comics. These examples are scheduled to download periodically. Please contact us if you need to collect from Internet some specific information critical to your business.

If you are having problems in developing Internet applications, you may contact us to see if we can help. We are open to join force with other software house to explore more business opportunities.

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